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25 Nov. 20152015 Medal for International Contribution
1 Nov. 2015Results of the 41st World Championships
29 Oct. 2015SEMINAR & PARTY
27 Oct. 2015The Agenda and Introductory Notes for the General Assembly
27 Oct. 2015Spochan is officially a member of TAFISA!!
8 Sep. 2015The 41st Sports Chanbara World Championship guide
4 Sep. 2015The 41st All Japan Championship will be aired on NHK World.
31 Aug. 2015Result of EURO OPEN 2015 in SERBIA
9 Jul. 2015Notice
( International Sports Canbara Association President Tetsundo Tanabe )
27 Apr. 2015I got communication from NEPAL Sports Chanbara Association.
15 Apr. 2015The 1st Chinese Championship results
9 Apr. 2015The picture of the championship in China was televised in China (Youtube)
3 Apr. 20152014 Medal for International Contribution
9 Dec. 2014Romanian Cahmpionship in Bucharest Results (22 Nov. 2014)
11 Nov. 2014Results of the 40th World Championships (2 Nov. 2014)
20 Oct. 2014The 40th Sports Chanbara World Championship MAP and Party Information
16 Sep. 2014The 40th Sports Chanbara World Championship guide
16 Sep. 2014Report from Pakistan
7 Aug. 2014The 8th Asian & Oceanian Championship Results
13 Mar. 2014The 8th European Championship Results
28 Apr. 2014President TETSUNDO TANABE was awarded the Medal with a Blue Ribbon by the Emperor of Japan (Japanese Only)
13 Mar. 2014Plan of activities of Russian Spochan Association in 2014
13 Mar. 2014Events of Russian Spochan Association in 2013
13 Mar. 2014Estonian Cahmpionship in Bucharest Results
12 Mar. 2014 Rumanian schedule of 2014
12 Mar. 2014 Romanian Cahmpionship in Bucharest Results
12 Mar. 2014 Latvian Cahmpionship in Liepaja Results
12 Mar. 2014Italian Cahmpionship in NAPOLI Results
10 Mar. 2014The 40th Sports Chanbara World Championship
30 Jan. 20142013 Medal for International Contribution
4 Nov. 2013Results of the 39th World Championships (4 Nov. 2013)
16 Oct. 2013Results of the 5. German Championships (October 5th. 2013)
10 Oct. 2013Only referee seminar is scheduled to be held from 2:00 pm on November 3.
27 Sep. 2013The 7th ASIAN-OCEANIAN Championship Results
26 Sep. 2013The Ukrainian Championship 2013
11 Sep. 2013Hotel Reservation of The 39th Sports Chanbara World Championship
23 Aug. 2013The 39th Sports Chanbara World Championship guide
30 Apr. 2013The 3rd Spochan National & Hosokawa Cup in India
30 Apr. 2013 The 10-th championship of Russia in Novosibirsk
15 Jan. 2013 Spochan Werbeclip (Youtube)
8 Jan. 20132012 Medal for International Contribution
7 Jan. 2013Ukrainian Spochan Championship 2012
The Events in 2015      All Schedule(Japanese only)
22 Mar.The 40th All Japan Junior Championship in Japan (Shizuoka-prefecture)
29 Mar. Seminar in China (Beijing)
17 May.The 7th TANABE-HAI Championship in Japan (Shizuoka-prefecture)
10-18 Aug. European Seminar (Hungary, Serbia)
30 Aug.The 41th All Japan Championship in Japan (Yokohama-city)
  1 Nov. The 41th World Championship in Japan (Tokyo)

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