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31 Aug. 2015
Result of EURO OPEN 2015 in SERBIA

Went expedition to Hungary and Serbia with the cooperation from Russian teacher KIMURA and communicated with Supochan's friends.

Introduced by Spochan to SHIMADA , Second Secretary of Embassy of Japan in Hungary ,teachers in Japanese school , and local residents in a small theater in Budapest Budapest on August 13.
Gained through Spochan's experience. Everyone was so excited.

Went to Serbia by bus which was about 500 km away the next day.
Waited for an hour and a half at the border checkpoint, before entering Serbia as the traffic was heavy. Travel time was about 7 hours.
Sightseeing in the capital city of Belgrade and moved to Vrsac (additional 2 hours).
Italy and French team had arrived by then.

On the 15th, Serbian sports minister and OMORI YUICHIRO, Third Secretary of Embassy of Japan in Serbia was welcomed and conducted the opening ceremony and workshop.
On the 16th, open competition was conducted and fruitful time was spent.

Lets meet in the world championship again.

From the 13 participants of Japan.

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