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11 May. 2018 Mandatory to wear gloves
13 Mar. 2023 Notice
7 Dec. 2022The eve of World Championship
1 Dec. 2022Results of the 46th World Championship
15 Oct. 2022The 46th Sports Chanbara World Championship
9 June 2022Results df the 12th European Championship
8 May 2022A temporary branch
18 Apr. 2022European championship in SERBIA
18 Apr. 2022Change of the schedule
13 Jul. 2021Obituary Mr. Grigor Shekoyan
18 May. 2021Online meeting with the Italian Association
8 Oct. 2020Obituary: Yoji Yamanaka Sensei
2 Oct. 2020About the 45th World Sports Chanbara Championship
2 June. 2020Recommended Protocols for the Resumption of Sports Chanbara Activities under Safe Conditions during Covid-19 Pandemic
21 Feb. 2020Activities of Romanian Branch of ISCA
21 Feb. 20203rd International Chanbara Seminar in Zilina
4 Dec. 2019Photo Collection of the 44th World Championship
7 Nov. 2019Schedule for 2020 and 2021
5 Nov. 2019Results of the 44th World Championship
31 Oct. 2019Romanian SportsChanbara Tournament
30 Oct. 2019World Championship guide has been updated.
20 Oct. 2019Urgent Notice
18 Sep. 2019The 44th Sports Chanbara World Championship guide
9 Aug. 2019Results of the 11st ASIAN OCEANIAN Sports Chanbara Championship
9 Jul. 20192nd International Joint Practice in Budapest, Hungary
26 Mar. 2019Statement by ISCA
26 Mar. 2019Notice of Dismissal
20 Dec. 20182018 Medal for International Contribution
14 Dec. 2018Photo Collection of the 43rd World Championship
14 Dec. 2018Results of the 43rd World Championship
8 Nov. 2018Updated the schedule of the 43rd Sports Chanbara World Championship
9 Oct. 2018Belarus friendly match report
3 Oct. 2018Eligibility for entry
25 Sep. 2018The 43rd Sports Chanbara World Championship
24 Aug. 2018The vice president of the ISCA Kenichi Hosokawa is visiting Belarus.
17 Aug. 2018There were additions of branches accession.
12 Jul. 2018Women's national team match
30 May. 2018BELARUS SUMMER - 2018 (22-26 August 2018)
11 May. 2018Sports Chanbara has been posted on the TAFISA's website.