Notice from ISCA

2017 is about to finish soon.
Thank you for the development of SPOCHAN for 1 year.

ISCA currently exchanges with more than 70 countries. I would like to increase more than that in the future.
ISCA will establish associations in various countries. The establishment conditions in the branch are as follows.

1, that the representative is qualified as an instructor (SHIHAN,SHIHANDAI,INSTRUCTOR).

2, use official tools (Air soft by ISCA).

3, Meet directly with the ISCA president and get approval.

Each country's association can establish a branch for each administrative district (eg, state, prefecture, district, city) within that country.
Even in the national association that is present, the situation of activities is various. A country that always participates in the world championship, a country applying for qualifications of DAN or KYU. Unfortunately, there are also associations of countries that do not participate in the convention, do not apply for qualifications, do not purchase tools, not held a championship. With that, SPOCHAN does not exist in that country, which is a hindrance to development. In such a country, I would like to leave the association of the country to those who can expect more activities. We hope that in association of each country, we will collaborate with government administrative agencies, not personal activities, and recommend joining the sports association and the Olympic Committee.
The Japan Sportschanbara Association is a member of the Japan Sports Association and Japan Recreation Association. For countries that are members of similar organizations in each country, please report to ISCA.

2018 is the year of the World Championship. Date and time, the place has been decided. Many players would like to participate from many countries.
I wish you a happy year for 2018.

The 43rd World championship,
5 min by walk from KEIO Line,TOBITAKYU Station.
Shinjuku Station to Tobitakyu Station, 30 min by KEIO Line.