SPOCHAN FESTIVAL 2017 in BELARUS INVITATION (from 14 to 20 August)

Spochan in Belarus started expanding 3 years ago. Now in our country there are more than 1000 sportsmen. In October 2016 we registered Federation of Spochan in Belarus.

On August 2016 in Belarus we kept the 1st International Spochan festival. 6 countries took part in it: Japan, Russia, Estonia, Italy and Ukraine.

ISCA, Russian Spochan Federation, Ministry of sport and tourism of Belarus, National Olympic committee of Belarus and Embassy of Japan in Belarus gave us support.

International Spochan festival ? it's 9 days of intensive trainings, master-classes from top trainers and sensei of countries-participants, the international referee seminar under lead of Hosokawa Sensei and Tanabe Sensei, the international tournament with kids and adults.

All the activities realizes in ecological and beautiful place on a lakeshore. Sport complex has mineral water pool, hot tub and medical center. Sportsmen not only did trainings, but made stronger their health.

Every day after trainings the participants took part in an entertainment show. There were traditional Spochan welcome party and sayonara party, the fire party in a forest, excursions, teambuilding, the participation in unique festivals, such as festival of mythology and dragons and festival of national Belarus culture and cookery "Apple Spas".

Our festival covered by Main national channel of Belarus, newspapers and radio, the international TV channel of CIS and international internet portal.

The motto of Spochan is "Spochan is one family"! When we do trainings and rest together we strengthen and unite our family.

Let us invite You to take part in the 2nd International Spochan festival in August 2017.

We invite you to festival! We invite you to Belarus! We had good rest together! I ask all of the participants to publish on my page your comments, impressions and suggestions!

contact address : HOSOKAWA